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Large Gorilla Glass Lavender keyholes!

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Check out these healed Forward Helix to Conch Industrials Kellan pierced. 

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Plain, “Princess,” and “Eternity” hinged septum clickers from Venus by Maria Tash, now available in our online store.

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From BVLA: “Kolo” seam rings with tri-bead clusters, in yellow and white gold, and seam rings with feathers in yellow and rose gold. Now available in our online store.

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BVLA at infinitebody.com!

We’re proud to announce we’ve added our first selections from Body Vision Los Angeles to our online store. Check out our BVLA clickers and seamless rings!

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Check out this stunning NeoMetal yellow-gold flower with black and white cz’s in a fresh piercing by Kellan.

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Titanium clickers from Intrinsic, now available in our online store.

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A lament to incorrect terminology: Denting


Ok so yesterday we received a message asking How do you start to cartilage dent? I want to go up to 2g and I heard it can be a good idea to start denting at smaller gauges” to which I replied that I had no idea what that term even meant let alone how to achieve it. So rather than some…

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Conch piercing by Kellan, healed and upgraded to a Body Vision Modena in solid 14k yellow gold with genuine diamonds and a genuine ruby…gold and diamonds and rubies, oh my!